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Refurbished iPhones and Second hand iPhones,selling at the cheapest prices possible. Including iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4s.  These refurbished iPhones have been professionally refurbished and tested by our in house engineers and come with 6 months warranty.  All these Apple iPhones come with our no quibble 14 day 100% money back guarantee. We will even have the refurbished iPhone collected so you have nothing to lose.

All our refurbished iPhones and iPads are now being sold with No VAT! These Refurbished iPads and Refurbished iPhones have got to be the cheapest on the web. 

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This page shows all our refurbished iPhones and second hand iPhones that are in stock in the Uk ready to ship.  Please click on the blow link to go back to our complete Refurbished Apple product list.

Refurbished iPhones are iPhones that has most likely been repaired or rebuilt by Apple technicians after the phone had previously been returned to the manufacturer due to a defect. In some cases, a refurbished iPhone may be in mint condition, but is considered to be refurbished if the phone's packaging was opened. The benefit to buying a refurbished iPhone  is that it will usually be lower in price than a brand-new iPhone , and works just as efficiently as if the phone were new. When buying a refurbished iPhone , it is important to take steps to verify that the phone is fully functional, comes with a warranty, and is compatible with your cell phone service provider. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01722 322123 for more information about our refurbished iPhones.