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Christmas 2015 Opening times & Last orders

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas 2015 Opening times & Last orders for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

Our last day for orders to be despatched for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Thursday 17th December, we are open on Friday 18th of December but if you order on Friday we cannot guarantee delivery  though we will do our best to do so if ordered before 1 PM. (please phone us if unsure!).

We are closed between Monday 21st December 2015 and Monday 4th January 2016.

Wishing all our customers a Very Merry Christmas & Happy new year!.

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The benefit of using a SSD in your laptop

1 CommentFriday, 3 July 2015

We have recently started doing a range of refurbished laptops with solid state drives fitted, there are many benefits of having a SSD fitted into your computer but this is especially so in laptops, due to the fact that laptops tend to be moved around (sometimes a bit too much!) a hard disk drive was never well suited to this as they are full of moving parts and are generally the most likely part to fail in your laptop, with SSD's this is not the case as they are flash based, similar to a USB flash drive and they are not only a lot more reliable than HDD's but also a lot faster and almost silent in operation.

We are offering the Dell Latitude E6410 with a 120GB Kingston HyperX Fury SSD for £175 meaning you are getting a Core i5 laptop with 4GB and a high quality SSD which compares very favourably with a similarly priced new laptop such as the Asus X453MA and Lenovo G40 which are currently on sale from a well known PC retailer for £179.99 and £189.99 respectively, these may be new but have a poor processor, less memory and a slow hard drive compared to the E6410, a comparison between the the Celeron and i5 processors can be seen here.

We have also started a range of premium refurbished laptops which use the best possible parts to bring you top performance and reliability, so far we have the Dell Latitude E6420, which is uses a second generation Intel Core i5 and the Lenovo Thinkpad T430 which uses a third generation i5 processor, both of these come with 8GB of Corsair memory and 240GB Corsair SSD's. We are hoping to expand this line in future adding some laptops with Core i7 processors in the coming weeks.

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Online Security

1 CommentThursday, 26 March 2015  |  Admin

At The Laptop Centre we take pride in helping customers with our after sales service, which primarily involves our RMA service for hardware related issues. However due to increased numbers of people online, the threat to online security has never been greater and whilst there are companies offering premium paid-for services, you can take advantage of an array of free tools which I will explain more about below.

I have provided direct links to the software I recommend and the download links are from the manufacturers website, notice that I have not used a torrent or mirror, as they are the most likely sources of malware and viruses. Simply doing a search in Google(for example) for one of the tools I recommend could also lead you into trouble, as unless you are kitted out with the tools below, you may fall foul to a malicious advert, which purports to be the website you desire - always check the URL name.

Lets start with the laptop and work up towards online security tools;

Firewall Protection - Microsoft Security Essentials

Your last line of defense, from your computers point of view is your Firewall. In Windows 7 this is call Windows Defender, but it's big brother is Security Essentials, which now comes as standard for Windows 8[although it is also call Defender] and can be downloaded from the link supplied. MS Security Essentials is light-weight and will not impair the performance of your laptop, it offers the advantage of having the best firewall for legacy versions of Windows(Vista & 7).

Anti-virus Suite - Avast Free Edition & For Mac's

Avast came out as one of the best Online Security Suites in PC Pro's AV Review of 2015, the Free Edition is downloadable through the link above, which redirects to Cnet's download mirror. Once installed, Avast will run a scan and after the 30-day trial period, you simply need to enter your email address to register to keep the Free Version up to date. Unlike some AV's(Norton for example), Avast will not disable your built-in Firewall, it works alongside it which gives you double protection should either program be compromised.

Avast Online Security Extension

When you start your web browser after Avast has been installed, it will ask you to enable a browser extension, which I highly recommend. It will not only actively remove malicious browser add-on's, but provide you with visual feedback for trusted websites, by displaying a green tick next to their URL in search results;

Avast Online Extension example

Web Browser Extension - Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free browser extension that works with all major web browsers and will help improve your user experience online by removing pop-up ads and other paid-for banners that can easily be clicked on by accident when using a web browser. Adverts are a major cause of malware and are also used for phishing scams, in which users are duped into supplying personal details and bank information that is used by fraudsters.

Malware Removal - Malwarebytes

Whilst the Firewall and AV programs above all have built-in scanning tools, having a backup tool can be useful too. Should you find that you PC's performance has deteriorated, but your PC hasn't flagged up a virus, try running the Malwarebytes removal tool to give the registry a thorough scan. If your PC has been infected before you can install the programs above, you may need to run this tool first. 

Other browsing tools to consider

Incognito Chrome - this is a feature of Google Chrome to help you browse the web in 'private' 

VPN Avast - a Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a tool used to mask your location and details when browsing the web. Avast have a paid-for add-on for this feature on the AV Suite.

Mobile Security - most of the tools suggested are available for smart phones and tablets, check your devices app store for compatibility.

I hope you find the information here useful, but please remember that the most common weakness in every security system is human error, so please be diligent when online, especially if you are connected to an open or free router and not at home.

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Please ask for upgrades

2 CommentsThursday, 11 September 2014  |  Admin

Please note that all our laptops can be upgraded so either click on the options next to the product or  call The Laptop Centre for advise and prices.  It may be more cost effective to upgrade a low priced laptop, rather than spend a lot of money on a high spec computer that is above and beyond your requirements. Most of our laptops are extremely easy to upgrade as they have been designed for the business corporate environment and the ability to increase memory size and or hard drive size can be very important for the business men needed more power quickly and cheaply.

click here to see all our laptops for sale  LAPTOP STOCK

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