New Tablets

Our New Tablet range consists of a hand-picked selection of the best tablets available. Whilst we are keen to offer the cheapest tablets we can, we are also determined to ensure that the performance remains as high as possible whatever your budget.

If you are unsure as to the meaning of the hardware specifications please refer to the bottom of the page where you will find more information on tablet features. If you need any further help, please give us a call or email and allow our experienced customer service team to help advise you.


The Tablet market is saturated with Cheap Tablets offering many of the same features as the premium Branded models, so when you look to purchase one it can be hard to read between the lines. At the Laptop Centre, we want to make purchasing a new Tablet to be as easy and pain-free process as possible.

In this section you will find information to help inform you of the specifications you need to look for to find the right Tablet for you, using Tablet Reviews can help prior to purchasing, but sometimes you need to get hands-on with a product to really see get a feel for it. With our 14-day hassle free refund policy, you can purchase and use our products without the fear of making the wrong purchase, we'll even exchange products within 30 days if you don't get along with using them.

Specifications explained

Operating System - Will affect the App availability of your Tablet 

  • Android - Google's Mobile Operating System is the most widely implemented OS for Tablets and tends to be found in the cheaper brand tablets, it has the largest support for Apps and there is a large amount of Free Apps too.
  • Apple iOS - Apple kick-started the Tablet market with the success of the iPad and is one of the most popular tablet OS's, but is tailored only to Apple's own products. Apple have a more rigorous App development criteria and so the App's sold on iTunes carry a small fee.
  • Windows - Microsoft were a lot slower to the Tablet market, but have edged into the market with the Surface Pro series. App availability is smaller than iOS & Android, but Microsoft are working hard to close the gap.


  • Size - there are generally only two size ranges of tablet; 7-8" and 10". As with laptops, the larger the device, generally the more features can be packed in across like for like generations. 
  • Resolution - image sharpness will be dictated by resolution and screen size. Large 10" tablets that have a cheap price tag, are likely to have a low-resolution(e.g. 800x480) screen. Apple are pushing Retina(1536p) tablets, with the better Android & Windows tablets often opting for traditional 1080p. 
  • IPS - for perfect viewing angles and a high-quality display, look for tablets with IPS panels 
  • TFT - are likely to be found in the cheaper tablets and picture quality can be adversely affected by the angle you hold the tablet at.


  • Camera - cheap tablets may offer dual-camera options, but at 0.3MP(Megapixels), the picture quality is often to poor to be of any real use/value. Better tablets will offer 1.2MP front facing camera for Skype and a 5MP+ rear camera for taking photos.
  • Battery - as with phones, the price tag is usually a good indication of battery life, the premium branded tablets will offer superior battery life.
  • Processor - ARM processors have been used as the basis for most Android tablets, but for those looking to play 3D games, look out for Nvidia Tegra based tablets. Intel are also set to make a move into the phablet market and have also been investing in graphics performance.
  • Memory - try to avoid tablets with less than 1GB RAM, as this will affect how many applications and processes the tablet can run simultaneously.
  • Storage - for tablets unable to used SD cards, limited internal storage can greatly affect you usage and enjoyment from your tablet. 16GB will generally equate to 8GB usable.
  • Connectivity - most tablets will have WiFi and Bluetooth built-in, and if you already own a smart phone, you can tether your tablet to it's 3G/4G internet connectivity, so there is less need to opt for embedded 3G/4G tablets.
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