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Our range of cheap laptops consists of a selection of business grade systems that we have restored to fully working order and retail for less than £200. Whilst 'cheap' is a relative term, what we strive for is to provide our customers with a good variety of laptops to choose from, without having to compromise on quality or reliability. 

We constantly test, review and update our system images in order to provide pre-loaded systems that give you a clutter free operating system environment, as well as extensive online security and a suitable productivity suite. We avoid stocking redundant hardware in order to achieve the low pricing and the comparative performance of our laptops is guaranteed to meet the performance of a new 'entry-level' laptop.

How do we grade a refurbished Laptop?:

Grade A: Excellent condition - Minimal signs of use if any, these products will be in as near to new condition as is possible but may have for example 1 or 2  small marks on that really aren't of any significance.

Grade B: Good condition - Perfect working order but will show more obvious signs of use, such as a few small cosmetic marks to the case or 1 larger scratch/scuff on the casing, minor wear on the palm rest or touchpad.

Grade C: Average condition - Fully working but will show very obvious signs of use such as larger marks on one or more of the surfaces, scratches and/or dented corners, or a significant number of smaller marks added together.


The variety of laptops on offer in this section range from Core 2 Duo based systems, up to Core i5 2nd Generation models. The pricing is based firstly upon the processing ability of the system, as this is not something than can be easily upgraded on most laptops, whereas memory and storage drives can be. We then grade the cosmetic condition of the systems to differentiate between like for like models and specifications.


All our cheap laptops are either from the Windows 7 production era, or have been refurbished to Windows 7 if their existing COA pre-dated this period. We ensure that every laptop has a minimum of 2GB system memory in order to cope with the demands of dates flash-heavy websites. In today's cloud-centric market, internal storage no longer means large mechanical drives, with people opting for fast solid-state drives and making use of cloud storage technologies, such as Google Drive, instead.

The only limitation of a reconditioned laptop will be out-of-the-box battery life, but we do offer the option for a new battery as an upgrade to all our laptops. We are able to supply a 6-month warranty as standard for all our business model laptops, with an additional 6-month extension available when you order. Don't forget to take advantage of our comparison feature, which allows you to compare the specifications of up to four laptops and if you need any further advice or help please get in touch via our contact page.

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