When will I receive my order?

We aim to dispatch all orders the next working day. If the item isn't yet available but you have pre-ordered then please allow longer and the same applies for orders with additional upgrades. If you're in a hurry please contact us so we can confirm the expected delivery date. For customers abroad your order will usually take a little longer to arrive.

What accessories come with my laptop?

Check each product description to get an accurate list of what's included. You will always receive a power adaptor with your laptop unless otherwise stated. A wide range of additional accessories is available that you are welcome to purchase.


Will I get Microsoft Office included?

As standard we preload each laptop with Open Office, which covers the usual computing functions. They also come with the original operating system that it is licensed for. The MS Office package is not included however, so you won't get Word, Excel or Powerpoint. This is because it requires it's own licence, and you'll find many new laptops only include a trial version for this reason. Open Office is compatible with MS Office formats however, so you can create similar documents that will work in the same way.

How good is the battery life?

Used batteries have a depleted charging ability. For each item we cannot state how long the battery will last, as we can't know whether it was used for watching videos or simply typing documents. When they're brand new a typical battery will last around 2 hours, or longer on particularly efficient models like the MacBook Air. To safeguard you, we offer a new battery in replacement if you report any battery life issues to us within 14 days of receipt. Even outside of this warranty we offer new batteries at very reasonable prices.

Will I be able to connect to Wi-Fi?

Connecting to the internet is an important function for almost every user, so we make sure all our laptops are Wi-Fi enabled unless otherwise stated. You will of course need to have a wireless router at home and be set up with an Internet Provider.

What warranty and repair service do you offer?

Working with reputable brands mean replacement parts are easy to obtain. As trained and experienced IT engineers we are able to carry out full repairs for you. Our honest approach means we always run through options & costs with you before undertaking work. For full details on our warranty click here.

Do you have a shop or showroom?

As an online retailer we don't have this facility. Instead we offer high quality, detailed photos of all our products. Listings are extensive and clear, including all relevant information about that specific item. You can always chat to us if you require further clarification, and you're welcome to come and collect the item in person. Please do let us know when you're coming though, so we can have the goods ready for you on arrival.