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Looking after refurbished laptops

  • Regularly fully charge and de-charge the laptops battery.
  • Run the windows defrag and disk clean commands from time to time.
  • Try not to fill your hard drive up. Delete un used program software and data that is not needed.
  • Try not to have too many programs open at once.
  • Make sure the refurbished laptops fan vents are clean are clear of dust.
  • Always us the laptop on a hard surface so that air can travel all around the laptop.

Remember that these refurbished laptops are 3-4 years old and therefore specification may not be up to the latest software requirements, so please take this in to consideration when buying. However all our refurbished  laptops can have memory, hard drive and optical drive upgrades at very cheap prices. In some cases the processor can be upgraded too.  Call 01722 322123 to get a quote.

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