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These refurbished laptops are our top performance models, featuring second or third generation Core i5's or Core i7  second generation processors upwards, many have dedicated graphics chips which make them suitable for gaming or graphic intensive applications. All these laptops come with 3 months warranty from TLC but may even have some manufacturer's warranty remaining as some of them are under a year old. We aim to be the cheapest refurbished laptop seller online.  We are very confident that we offer excellent products at the cheap prices, if you find the same model cheaper any where else, please do let us know and we will try to beat it. 


Factory Refurbished laptops are laptops that for one reason or another have been returned to the original retailer. These laptops must undergo a rigorous testing and refurbishment process at source in order to be sold as factory refurbished laptops.  Laptops are returned for any number of genuine reasons. Just think about the last time you returned an item. It is not always because it was faulty. Sometimes a laptop just doesn't meet the original purchaser's requirements.
Because these laptops have been taken out of their original packaging they cannot by law be resold as new machines, they must be labelled factory refurbished, certified and used, indicating that they have already been sold once.

Why should you buy a Factory Refurbished Laptop?
Factory refurbished laptops are quite simply great value, selling at between 20% and 50% off retail price. The number one reason consumers buy factory refurbished laptops is price. Whether you need a laptop for school, a new business venture, or just internet surfing, a factory refurbished laptop allows a consumer to purchase a quality branded computer for a smaller outlay to a comparable but less well made new computer.  This is a great way to buy a cheap laptop.  Browse our fantastic deals here, you are sure to find something to suit your needs.

What is a Factory Refurbished Laptop?
A factory refurbished laptop is a laptop undergoes an extensive testing and refurbishment process prior to being offered for sale as a factory refurbished laptop. They are certified to meet the original manufacturer's specification, and generally sold with some kind of limited warranty. Extended warranties may also be purchased from us at a reasonable price for all our factory refurbished laptops.
Factory refurbished computers may have some minor cosmetic imperfections consistent with having been de-boxed and used for a short period of time by the original purchaser. They may also be sold in generic boxes or containers and not include all the original inclusions and documentation. Before purchasing a factory refurbished laptop, determine exactly what you are getting with your laptop. 

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