Apple Repairs

We provide both Hardware and Software related repair services for Apple products. From virus removal to hard drive replacements.

Desktop PC Repairs

Our Desktop repair service covers software issues, including viruses, as well as hardware repairs and replacement.

Laptop Repairs

For Laptop and Tablet repairs, please click here and select the option that best describes the issue you are experiencing.

Once you've got your computer, the last thing on your mind is what to do when it stops working. Rightly so, our customers are confident in the long life of their products and rarely need our help in fixing them. What if you've got a machine that does need some help though? Problems can raise their ugly head for a multitude of reasons and it's not always immediately clear what the cause is. From a laptop keyboard that suddenly won't type, to a whirring sound beneath the case of your PC, we can remedy all manner of tricky issues.

Our professional team each have skills that make them specialists in PC and laptop repair. As you'll see from our product range, we deal with Apple technology on a daily basis and pride ourselves on quickly remedying common problems like broken screens and a lack of storage. Enthusiastic IT technicians like us don't stop there though. Fujitsu, Lenovo or HP – we can help fix whatever it is stopping you from getting on with your day.

Hardware issues might require us to replace faulty parts that no longer function as they should. We give you an honest quote, using trusted suppliers to get you the best price for the parts. When it comes to software, whether you work on Windows or Linux we have seen every error message out there. We get to the bottom of it, taking care to ensure it's running smoothly again before your system is returned to you.