Not all our customers are looking for something new. If you want to improve your desktop PC or laptop then we can help. As qualified IT engineers passionate about what's beneath the casing, we can provide expert upgrades to make the most of your machine. We also offer a trade-in service, where you can swap your current hardware for something more suitable. If you're actually quite attached to your desktop companion then don't worry if things go wrong. The Laptop Centre are able technicians who can repair your system to it's former glory for a fair price.

You can always ask us for advice on how to get the best tech for your needs. Talk to us about how we might be able to upgrade your laptop for example, replacing redundant technology with something better. Your hard drive might be on it's last legs and you could benefit from a new SSD to store all your precious files. Maybe you're eyeing up the latest gaming releases but need a new graphics card to cope with the visual demands. Either way, we've got you covered.

Trading in your used computers and laptops couldn't be simpler. We take the goods off your hands, and you get money towards something much more impressive. It's not hard to say goodbye to the slow memory in your old model when the new, slick products we have are suddenly affordable. Speak to us for a simple explantation of this service and get closer to a shiny new computer.