Student Laptops

All the laptops come with the Windows 7 operating system, to give you the widest available support for 3rd party software. There is a free Office Suite pre-loaded to get you started, with Microsoft Office available from the upgrades section in the product details.

About Student Laptops

Choosing the right laptop for school, college or university is important and here at The Laptop Centre, we want to make the decision as easy and straight forward as possible.

The first thing to consider is what you are going to use your laptop for, whether it's work, music, social or gaming, and below you'll find out how the hardware specification can influence these factors;

  • Processor/CPU – Everything you do on your laptop will be run by the CPU, the clock speed(in GHz) is less important than the Model(e.g. Core i5)  and the price will also increase as you get towards the newer processors. For basic Office work and web browsing, a Core 2 Duo(Dual-core) is still more than enough to run things smoothly.
  • Memory/RAM – The memory affects how many programs you can run simultaneously, to run a web browser, stream music and do work, you'll want a Windows 7 laptop with 3GB or more RAM. 
  • Hard Drive/HDD – Having a huge 1TB internal HDD is not the best investment in a laptop, the biggest cause of performance issues are mechanical Hard Drives and if they fail you lose your data. Look for laptops with Solid State Drives(SSDs) as standard or even upgrade your desired laptop with an SSD for the quickest boot times and reliability. Having your important data backed up to a USB drive, external Hard Drive or a web-based(“Cloud”) service is the best option. Look for the Upgrades & Extras section on products for these.
  • Graphics/GPU – Second generation Intel Core 'i' series CPUs have good integrated Intel HD graphics that can run games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft on low settings. For better 3D performance, look for laptops with dedicated AMD or Nvidia graphics cards.
  • Connectivity/WiFi – The majority of our laptops come with Wireless N adapters, which provide 150Mbps+ data rates, the newer the laptop, the newer the WiFi is likely to be. Bluetooth is also common in business grade machines, so look out for this in the Specifications section on each product.
  • Screen Size – Screen size is one aspect of a laptop's display, screen resolution will dictate your work space and sharpness of the image and newer laptops will come with LED back-lighting and IPS panels for the best viewing experience. 

Compare different models
To help improve your shopping experience we have a Comparison Feature, where you can select up to four different products and compare them side by side.

Upgrade and configure
Upgrades are available on every product and if there is a unique configuration you want don't hesitate to email or call us prior to purchase and we can try and accommodate for your needs.

Data Backup
Ensuring you have a backup of your data is crucial, with Solid-state Drives(SSDs) being more reliable than traditional mechanical Hard Disk Drives(HDDs).

However if you laptop breaks down, having a quick reliable service to recover your data and replace you laptop is crucial for getting your assignments done on time. We'll even repair customer laptops outside of the warranty period for a competitive repair charge.