When you buy your computer system you hope it will last the distance. We're experts in pairing our customers with products to suit their needs, and hope they'll have perfectly working tech for many years to come. In reality, it's not always poor functioning that leads you to seek out an upgrade. Often our clients just fancy something new, better or have a particular requirement in mind that requires a certain spec. The good news is that you don't have to buy a whole new PC or laptop.

Treat yourself to the right kit to keep streaming videos and storing your files without a problem. Get the latest graphics by simply upgrading your graphics card to cope with new game releases. Keep an impressive FPS that will be the envy of your friends, with our range of big-name options. As thorough and methodical technicians we check compatibility before ordering parts and bench mark to make sure your expectations are met. Knowing the proper tests to use means you'll get exactly what you wanted and can enjoy improved performance without breaking the bank.

Our service includes transportation using reliable couriers and high quality packaging to keep your property safe and in good condition. If you prefer, you can come and collect it from our secure premises. There are various components within your computer that can be upgraded or replaced depending on what you want to improve. Whether you want a serious leap forward in performance or just a slight shift up, we can suggest viable options.


Please supply us with the following information in order to best assist you;

Computer Type; Laptop/Desktop

Brand; e.g. Apple/Dell/Lenovo

Product Range; e.g. Inspiron/Thinkpad

Model; e.g. E6430/T410

Current Configuration; CPU/RAM/HDD/OS

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