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Refurbished Lenovo Thinkpads

Some models of laptop and tablet resist passing trends to become lasting favourites. The Lenovo Thinkpad is one such product, popular with both serious IT fans and everyday technology users. The reasons for its popularity might seem straightforward, but simplicity is what underlines it's timeless likeability.

Sold by IBM until 2005, the Thinkpad brand includes a number of portable devices that share certain characteristics. Various models have been produced over time but the name has remained consistent with high quality, long lasting manufacturing and top class design. Legend has it that this product was originally modelled on a Japanese lunch box, which explains it's sleek and functional simplicity. The smooth black casing on our refurbished selection doesn't reveal the great performance underneath.

Refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad

If you're looking for a tough, hard-wearing machine to give you value for money over time then this is a fantastic choice. It's quality has been approved by possibly the ultimate authority in engineering, having been used on none other than the International Space Station. If it's good enough for travelling out of orbit then it's fair to say it will meet your expectations at ground level. Because of a robust case and heat-resistant components, unsurprisingly it has been favoured by large businesses and the education sector.

For legendary reliability, a laptop that has undergone military-spec testing and remains high on the wish list year after year, it provides an all-round package. The name Thinkpad is as renowned today as it was in the 1990's and this is testament to its enduring popularity.


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